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Putrajaya Light Festival


In the year 2017, my last outing was going to the Putrajaya Light Festival. It is known as Light and Motion Putrajaya (LAMPU), “LAMPU” is a Malay word that means lamp.

It was in its fifth year but my first time ever to attend the Festival. I’m the type of person that tend to avoid places that filled with large crowds, so it took me a few years to urge myself came here for the photos. Even so, I’m still picking the less crowded day by avoiding the weekend and be there on it’s 2nd day, which is Friday, and I really glad that I did so.

There was still a lot of people but it was manageable, only a few of them went into the frame and was able to be easily removed in post-processing later. The light decorations are beautiful and the projection motion light show on the Federal Court of Malaysia building are highly entertaining and genuinely creative, I’m totally amazed by the show as it was my first time watching it.

Back on shooting info, the light show starts at 8:45 p.m. but I started taking the photo of the Federal Court building at around 7:30 p.m. I was aiming for the blue hour and a cleaner foreground. Then I took several photos of people that pass by, using a slower shutter speed at 30 seconds, for me be able to capture the light trails that created from the passerby’s glow stick or the fancy light toys that they got from the nearby stalls. When the light show started, I boosted up my ISO and widened the Aperture, so that I able to use a faster shutter speed to capture as many still images of the light show as possible.

Shooting Info

Blue hour shot: 14mm focal length ISO 200, f11 Aperture with 5 seconds Shutter Speed.

Light trails shot: ISO 400, f8 Aperture with 30 seconds Shutter Speed.

Light show shot: ISO 800, f5.6 Aperture with 2.5 seconds Shutter Speed.

When I back on my desk, I imported all the photo into Lightroom. From there I picked the blue hour photo, the light trails photo and the light shows photo. After performed some minor adjustment such as white balance correction, lens and distortion correction, I loaded the 3 photos into photoshop. From there I blended all the three photos together into a single photo and this became my base photo. Then, I have the blue hour sky, the light trail and the light show together. 😀

Next, I cloned out all the people that sitting in front of the federal court. Then I pumped up the contrast by using the tonal contrast in color efex pro, Nik Software. Applied dodge and burn by making the federal court more pop than the rest of the subject and also saturated the colors of the light show and the light trail. I want the light show appeared to be more evident so that people will focus on it. There also some curve and color balance adjustment applied to the photo. Lastly, I performed the sharpening on the federal court and the foreground only. Then, the noise reduction on the sky and here is the final output of the photo. 🙂

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