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How I turn a book store into a labyrinth

I visited this beautiful BookXcess bookstore at REXKL recently and was impressed by how beautiful the place is.

It also gave me the idea of coming out with something conceptual, dreamy, and fun for my kids, as books are always the inspiration of many imaginations.

However, the idea was vague during my first visit, and I'm not very satisfied with the result.

So, I revisited the place again, spent more time exploring the place, and then captured photos from different angles, which I think potentially could be great.

Here are the gears I used for the shooting.


SONY A7R4 + 1224 F2.8 GM Lens

Leofoto LC-324C Tripod

Also, to have more realistic lighting, I brought a LED moon lamp for my kids to hold while posing, which I blended in a real moon on top of it later via post-processing.

To give you a better idea of how the place is, here're a behind-the-scenes video.⁣

After going through the shots and filtering some I thought didn't match the theme, I managed to come out with a few photos for the series.⁣

All the photos are taken at BookXcess, but to make the entire place looks more surreal and grand, I have replicated the bookshelves to create a maze-like library. The concept is about my kids finding a moon and exploring the maze of books.

Also, here's a brief video on how I do the editing.

I hope you all like the series! 😃

Grey Chow

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