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Creative Light Painting – Maiglight Review

Recently, I got my hand on a cool new toy that called Magilight. It is an equipment that specially designed for Light Painting. It has 144 LED lights on it and you can customize the colours of the lights to create any light painting result you want, even drawing out any cartoon character. It is actually kinda cool and interesting.

My first thought when I have a hold on the Magilight, it is very light, lighter than I was expected, with length at 100 cm and net weight at only 1 kg.

Having lightweight is important to me, as it is easier to do the light painting and create a smooth line and shape by waving the Magilight. Here are the photos of the Magilight.

Following is the Magilight’s specification from the Fotorgear website:


Together with another 2 friends of mine, Edwin Tan and Edwin Ng, we decided to do a series of light painting project using Magilight. After playing around with it for a while, there are two main features from Magilight that I want to highlight, one is to display a singular colour where you can choose a default colours option or configure using RGB value. Another feature is to “display” an image file that is pre-loaded in the TF Card, this is where you can put your creativity in and it is also what differentiates the Magilight from normal light painting tools. (I can tell you that most of the photos that done with Magilight are using this function).

Came together with Magilight, the CF Card contains a number of images files, some of them are pictures like wings, fires, cartoon characters, etc. Other images files are patterns, for you to draw colourful lines in the air. Here are some of the example that I have drawn using the Magilight.


It is also very simple to draw a pair of wings using Magilight. Once you draw the first one, the image of the wing will be automatically flipped horizontally for you to draw the second one on another side. You just need to repeat displaying the same wing image again.


Another thing I like from the Magilight is the Sound Alert, Magiligth will notify you with a “Beep” sounds on each time an image is started displaying and ended. It is very handy for me as I don’t need to keep checking on the screen to find out when I should start or end the drawing.

Besides that, if you are a fan of Eric Pare (One of the best Light painting Photographer), you can easily draw out some of his most famous light painting patterns using the Magilight, like the photo below.


On top of that, there are many other features from Magilight and some of them I would like to mention here are sparklers compatible, splash proof (IPX4), able to attach on a tripod and come with a spinning bearing barrel that easy you to rotate the Magilight for a perfectly round shape.

Together with Edwin Tan and Edwin Ng, we have done several photo shooting using Magilight. The recent one is organized by Edwin Tan with me & Edwin Ng as facilitators for the Nikon workshop. All the participants are interested in the Magilight and they are impressed when they first got a photo. At the end of the event, we even got a group photo with Nikon logo drawn using the Magilight.



Although, in order for you to create a beautiful light painting drawing, you need to get some practice and be familiar with the hand movement when drawing. Still, Magilight is a very innovative and easy-to-use gear for light painting, it is something that allows you to put your creativity in it to come out a stunning image.


Where can I get it?

In case you may be interested in getting one, below here is the link to the Magilight website:

One more thing…

If you plan to get one, or you already bought it, I want to share with you some of the image files that I have created for the Magilight, for FREE, of course. Click on below link to download the image file. Currently, the images pack contains a flag(Malaysia), few Pokemon images and new line images, I will add in more in future. Enjoy!

Please feel free to share this post if you enjoy reading it! :)

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