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Photoshop Action Review: Sleeklens – Landscape Adventure Collection

Recently I have the opportunity from Sleeklens company, offering me their Photoshop plugin Landscape Adventure Collection and doing a review for the product itself.

The Landscape Adventure Collection provided 56 photoshop actions, once you downloaded the product pack and unzip it, just double click on the Sleeklens Landscape PS Actions.atn file, it will open the Photoshop application and automatically loaded all the action in your Photoshop’s Action Window. If you don’t have your Action Window open, go to the Photoshop top menu, click on Window > Actions.


Above is the list of the actions that included in the “Landscape Adventure Collection” pack, and the actions are categorized into 8 different sections: Exposure, Base, Tone, All In One, Enhance, Specialty, Temperature, Web File Preparation.

The action’s naming is quite clear on what is the effect will be applying on your image, just select the action you want and click on the bottom PLAY icon of the Action Window and wait for the action to be completed.

After playing around with the actions, I decide to apply following effects in sequence on my image.

  1. BASE Good Place To Start for Landscape

  2. EXPOSURE Reduce Highlights

  3. TEMPERATURE – Cooler

  4. TONE Warm Highlights

  5. ENHANCE Dramatic Sky

  6. ENHANCE Detail Enhancer

  7. ALLINONE Deep Cinematic

  8. WEB FILE PREPARATION – Resize for WEB (custom size) on a long side

Other than the actions provided, I also added a curve adjustment layer just to boots up some contrast on the overall image.

Here is the Before and After comparison:

Now let’s talk about my opinion on the Landscape Adventure Collection pack. Overall, it is simple and straight forward with instruction prompted to guide you in using the actions. Some of the instruction can be adjusting the opacity to control the strength of the effect or only applying the effect on the specific area of your image to brush out the masking. However, after I done executing the first action, in order for me to run the next action, I have to flatten the image in photoshop first, this will apply all the layers’ effect and merge into a single layer. It also means that you won’t be able to go back to any previous layers to revise your adjustment after you flatten the image, is a one-way ticket in post processing and that’s a big drawback for me. Following are the Pros and Cons for me.


  1. Lot’s of actions and some of them quite handy.

  2. Showing instruction when using the actions.


  1. Changes make on previous actions can’t be revised.

  2. For detail adjustment, you still need to go through the generated layers and tune it. Learning curve required to understand what each layer does.

  3. The Web sharpening result is less satisfying.

Lastly, if you interesting to find out more about Sleeklens and its other products, you can check out the website here: 🙂

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