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Creative Blending: How To Add Multiple Fireworks Into Single Photo


1st January 2017, I celebrate the New Year’s Eve by photograph the iconic Petronas Twin Tower from a high vantage point at Quadro Residence. I am lucky enough to get invited by one of the residences there to welcome the new year, great thanks to my friend!

Me and my friends reach the place at around 9 p.m. and start to setup our gears at the sky pool to secure the spot before the crowd starts showing up later. While waiting another 3 hours for the fireworks, we actually having a potluck session beside the pool and enjoying the spectacular view of the Petronas Twin Tower, great foods and great view, how enjoyable we are! ^^

Once done capturing the photos of fireworks and back on my desk, I imported all my photos into my laptop. I have taken a lot of photos of fireworks, but most of them just appear to be too smokey (As you can see from the top video). We only able to capture a few clear photos of fireworks in the beginning of fireworks which is around 2 or 3 shots only. The wind direction is just too bad for us, those smoke that generated by the fireworks are all blow toward us. Still, a few clear shots are good enough for me to blend them together and create a stunning photo of the Petronas Twin Tower with fireworks.

I had made a video tutorial on how I blend the fireworks into one single photo before I proceed to any further adjustment in post processing, you can check it out here! 😀

Here is another short video about the location itself and I also mention on how I setup my camera to photograph the fireworks.

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