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2019 Milky Way Time Chart

Milky Way season is here! Are you ready for photographing the beautiful galaxy? To ease everyone in identifying the best time for taking the photo, I have compiled all the info into this simple time chart, yeah!

As you can see, the chart is showing information for every weekend, which is the time most people are free for photo shooting. Each weekend, there’s information for the Moon and Milky Way. For the Moon, I included the Moon phase, Moonrise and Moonset time. The basic of photographing the Milky Way is to shooting photo during the New Moon time, so that the Moonlight won’t “wash out” the stars and affect the clarity of the Milky Way. Still, it is possible to get a photo of Milky Way even during a Non-New Moon night. As long as the Moon’s position is far from the Milky Way or the Moon’s yet to rise/already set.

New Moon is always the best time for Milky Way

For the Milky Way, the chart focus on the timing of the Milky Way appears in three directions, which is East, South & West. (No North because Milky Way won’t be going there. At least, in Malaysia country)

Then, you can plan your photo shooting base on this information. If you have a good foreground in the South direction, and you want to take a photo of it together with the Milky Way on top. The earliest time is going to be on 30 March, when the Milky Way will be in the South direction before the sunrise.

Once you got the photo of Milky Way, congrats! Now you can bring the photo home for further enhancement. 😀

If you want to know more about how to PROCESS a photo of the Milky Way, check out my workshop HERE.

Get the High Res 2019 Milky Way time chart now.

UPDATED: 2020 Milky Way Time Chat is available the below blog post.

If there’s any mistake found in the chart, do let me know ( so that I can correct and update the chart.

I wish you all the best in photo shooting. If you want to share your photo with me or need some advice. You can either tag me or message me. Here is my Facebook and Instagram.


If you don’t know where should you go to photograph the Milky Way. You can check out my article “Best Locations For Milky Way In Malaysia” HERE.

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