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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




Digital Camera
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Q: Is this an Online workshop?
A: Masterclass is an Online Community. We have a private group for you to post your photos and questions to receive feedback. The community also included workshops, which will be conducted online. We will have physical outings, where we can go out and take photos together.

Q: Is the workshop only about Post-processing?
A: It is about everything, from camera settings, composition, post-processing to personal guidance and weekly LIVE sharing session for a LIFETIME membership. 


Q: Will there be any Physical workshop?
A: No, all the workshops will be conducted online. Because we found out, it is safer (definitely social distancing), more accessible (anyone can join in from anywhere), and everything can be recorded. You can watch the REPLAY anytime you want. But, we do have physical outings.

Q: Is there any outing?
A: Yes. We have been organising outings that are exclusive to our members only. and currently, we focus only on the Klang Valley area. *Physical outing is temporary on hold now due to the latest SOP.

Q: What if I'm from another state/country and I can't attend the outing?
A: If the weather is good during the outing and we able to get the photos. We would usually share out the RAW files with all our members so that you can still participate in the learning even though you can't attend the outing. We will also explain and perform a LIVE demo on one of our weekly LIVE.

Q: In the future, if there's a new Photography Workshop, will it be included in the Masterclass? And do we need to pay extra to attend the new workshop?
A: Any future Photography Workshop will automatically be included in the Masterclass. There's no extra charge to any existing members. If there are any changes in the member fee, it will apply only to NEW members.


Q: In the future, will it be any changes in the fee and required me to pay for the extra price?
A: No. As promised, it is a 1-Time Payment, Lifetime Membership offer. You won't be charged if there are any changes in the Masterclass fee or the fee structure.


Q: I have zero knowledge of Photoshop /Photography. Will you teach me?
A: Yes. We actually have a series of videos that focus on the basic. You can go through the videos and then message me if you have any questions. We can also further explaining specific knowledge on our WEEKLY LIVE so that you able to understand better.

Q: Do I need to have a Professional Camera to join the Masterclass and take beautiful photos?
As long as you own a camera, regardless it is a Full Frame, Crop Sensor or Non Interchangeable camera, you will be able to take good photos. You will learn how to understand your camera capabilities and limitations and various techniques on how to push beyond the limits.


Q: I only use my phone to take photos, can I join?
A: Although we know that it is possible to capture good photos using a phone, Grey Chow has also worked with the Smartphone brand before for a photography-related project. Still, you may not be able to get the most out of the Masterclass Community because most of the techniques we teach are only applicable to the camera.

Q: Are both Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop included?

A: Sorry, the software is not included. They are from Adobe and are subscription-based. We do not have any authorization to sell them.

Q: What editing software should I use to participate in the learning?
A: We use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Luminar AI for the editing. We suggest getting both Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop (they usually come in a bundle) because some of the advanced techniques only work on Photoshop. However, if you are very new to Post-processing, I suggest starting with Adobe Lightroom or Luminar AI. Then, you can slowly catch up on using Photoshop. After all, it is a LIFETIME community. You can do it in your own time, at your own pace.


Q: Will the Weekly LIVE talk about the same topic every few months?
A: It depends on the members. Members can raise it to me if they have a topic they want me to talk about. Once in a while, I will also ask in the group what topic members are interested in or maybe the challenge they are facing. From there, I can decide the topic for the Weekly LIVE.

Q: Is there any restriction for members to join the Weekly LIVE when going through the same topic again?
No. Members can join all the Weekly LIVE, Workshops, and there's no restriction. You can also watch the REPLAY of the Weekly LIVE in the private group.

Q: Will you provide editing preset?
A: Yes, there will be a Photoshop Action Pack to assist you in running specific editing steps automatically, which ease you in performing some advanced editing techniques such as Luminous Masking, Sharpening, etc.

Q: Is the Dramatic Skies Bundle only works on Luminar AI?
A: The Dramatic Skies Bundle works on Luminar Ai and Adobe Photoshop, which have the Sky Replacement function.


Q: What is the fee for Masterclass Lifetime Membership?
A: We offer a 1-Time Payment, Lifetime Membership for our Masterclass, included workshops, weekly LIVE and personal guidance. There's also instalment plans for you to secure the OFFER at a lower amount first and then pay the remaining balance later. You can refer to the detail of the fee via the link here.

Q: If I have any questions, where could I reach you?
A: You can reach me either via my email ( or my FB Page. (

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